Live betting, in the traditional form experienced with in-play betting. Virtual games run constantly and depending on the virtual interest in sports, games/matches/events can take place in just a few minutes. Therefore, the placement of live bets is mostly possible due to the length of most, virtual sports events. However, several have virtual live sports, but this constitutes a limited selection.


This depends entirely on the individual sportsbook provider. However, due to the increasing demand, several providers have started releasing virtual sports bonuses to satisfy players’ expectations, which is essential in the battle for number of users. Most often, however, the majority will not expect a specific bonus code, but instead require that they qualify for any bonus. However, bonus seekers should understand that most, if not all, will be limited to an amount similar to standard bonuses for newly registered users. Some, however, will be eligible for a virtual Free Bet as an alternative.



More sportsbook providers are accommodating virtual sports betting, and the number is growing. However, there are four providers that stand out. And that is based on the platforms they have constructed and the type of virtual sports on offer.


SBTech Official LogoSBTech has been providing solutions to the sports betting industry for over ten years. They operate eight offices internationally, employ over 1000 people and operate in fifteen, regulated markets. The company has deep roots in the iGaming market and focuses on technical expertise and knowledge that helps their clients’ businesses grow rapidly. In addition, they are adept at adapting their product range to deliver a unique solution that is both entertaining as well as engaging. This allows the company to improve its diversity and shift post-market trends. Available virtual sports offered by SBTech include football, basketball, horse racing and virtual greyhounds. Within each of these, a number of matches or games are available to ensure a constant stream of events, ready to play on.


BtoBet official logoBtoBets cutting edge tools are aimed at the sportsbook market. While they include several solutions in sports betting, virtual betting is focused on betting markets, graphic quality, multiple events, leagues and gameplay. All virtual sports bets are presented in 3D and provide detailed statistics that not only help make the user experience realistic, but also raise the entertainment level.

Virtual sports include football, tennis, basketball, horse racing and virtual dogs. Its virtual football is formatted with sixteen virtual teams, live scores, a statistics centre, live tables and over 2400 daily events. Virtual tennis features 16-player tournaments, new matches every 3.5 minutes and statistics for all matches as well as on all players. The company applies many of the same qualities to its virtual basketball with eight new games every 3.5 minutes and includes detailed analysis through its statistics center.



BetSys logoBetSys is another company that offers virtual sports betting. Operating within regulated markets, BetSys provides customers with 15 years of proven experience and solutions tailored to each customer’s unique requirements. This has driven the company to become one of the largest providers of sportsbook solutions in Eastern and Central Europe. They include a full range of products, one of which is virtual sports. While an expansion of their virtual sports portfolio would do the trick, they currently only offer virtual horse racing. New races are published every ten minutes, and are based on 1,300 real horse races in Europe, which have an average length of 3-4 minutes. The software is available in several languages and features adjustable graphics, as well as combi and solo betting.


Betradar logoBetradar offers several betting services, virtual betting being just one of them. Their products are available at more than 180 online bookmakers. Their services focus on graphical display, gameplay, events, tournaments and leagues. These are based on thousands of game analyses, giving players an unrivalled experience as well as being as realistic as possible. As an added bonus, all virtual sports include statistics on the players that appear when they play on real sports events. They currently provide virtual football, basketball, virtual horse racing, virtual dog racing and are one of the few providers that provide virtual in-play sports.