Virtual sports work in the same way as other games of chance. The main difference is that it is focused on sports, versus the more traditional casino games. The results for the virtual sports bets/races/matches are generated using a random number generating software (RNG), and as such will always, over time, favour the house. While each event/race/game shows statistics, the calculation of the odds depends on how many participate overall. However, with the inclusion of a handicap system used to make the experience realistic, it gives players and the casino a more balanced outcome. At times this will favor the casino, while at other times it will favor the player, just as it will with any other game of chance.


The availability of virtual sports to mobile users is quite high. Many of the biggest sportsbook providers offer virtual betting on mobile. Most sportsbooks use mobile, browser-based access that is similar to the experience on a desktop. This ensures that all betting markets and features will be available to those who want or prefer to bet directly via their mobile device. This ensures that all users are familiar with the platform, whether they are playing from mobile or via their desktop.


The legality of virtual betting, from an individual point of view, depends on the player’s country of residence. While some allow sports betting, others may exclude virtual betting and other games of chance. In this case, it depends on the laws governing the country and jurisdiction in which you reside. Online bookmakers go to great lengths to ensure compliance with laws governing each country they operate in, and as such they receive special licenses that allow virtual sports betting. When combined with today’s geographic identification software, it is safe to suggest that if virtual sports betting is available on your betting account, it will most likely be legal for you to participate in it. However, it is always recommended that you verify its legality before placing bets on virtual sports.


This falls under the purview of the special auditors and committees that issue licenses. They are responsible for checkingand verifying the genuine randomness of the number generators used by the sportsbook provider, this helps to ensure fairness for players participating in virtual sportsbook activities.



1. Be selective with the virtual sports you choose

Depending on where you play, the number of virtual sports will vary. Some providers will offer less than others, so being selective about which virtual sports you bet on will make a difference and can potentially affect your winnings. What is important to consider is the number of teams/players, as each sport has different minimum and maximum limits. An example of this might be horse racing, as certain events can feature up to fifteen horses at a time, while betting on winning dogs is reduced to six. Therefore, your odds of winning are improved in the virtual sports that limit the number of entrants/participants.

2. Bet responsibly

Virtual sports will be defined for some as an unstable betting market, due to a random number generator, thus producing random results. Unlike real money sports betting, you are not betting on the outcome of a real sports team or player, but a virtual one designed to give the house a marginal advantage. Therefore, placing smaller bets is a fundamental choice that helps players avoid significant losses. Ultimately, virtual sports betting is meant to be a form of entertainment, so bet sizes should reflect that as well.

3. Don’t chase your losses

Don't chase your losses

Chasing your lost bets is a mistake many players make. The belief that a big win is around the corner in itself is irresponsible gambling. You have to remember that it is a game of chance and the results are computer generated, so trying to win back what you have lost almost never produces a good result, but usually results, in the long run, in a bigger loss.

4. Be selective with the bets you place

As mentioned above, it is better to be selective in the sports you bet on. By researching and determining which sports you want to bet on, you can find the most advantageous odds for a better return. As a rule, you should not bet on races/events/games or tournaments where more than eight are participating, as this will reduce your chances of a positive outcome.

5. Place bets on the favourites

Since the results of virtual sports betting are generated by the RNG, it is best to bet on favourites. You may not win as much, but you will win more often, and ultimately winning is the goal. Like other sports bets, activities that cover your other bets are also a solid strategy to employ, but of course, it requires you to responsibly manage your betting account.